Event Overview

It’s our favorite time of the year!

Contractor of the Year is proud to recognize this year’s stand-out Contracting professionals with its Top Contractors of The Year List. As both the industry and the economy continue to evolve, the nation’s leading contractors have quickly adapted to stay ahead of the competition. For 2019, we’re thrilled to welcome new thriving companies as well as honor those that have made great contributions for decades — proving that they know what it takes to consistently succeed regardless of the circumstances.

The list includes only companies located in Canada, and Nominees are based on certain criteria, contributions and many other factors, not just annual sales. Each Contractor voluntarily reports its total revenue and business statistics from the year, while some share valuable insight into their companies, the industry and the economy. All information is self-reported from the year.

Contractor of the Year Awards is the best opportunity for the Construction Contractor community to explore opportunities from current and future projects and build lucrative contacts with the decision-makers from clients, contractors, consulting engineers and the supply chain. Packed with lots of content and speakers, the 2019 Awards will focus on the honouring the best in the Contracting world, design, procurement and delivery of current and upcoming projects in the Canada.

Please take a look at the videos below.